What others think

about Thoreau

“Quality and Presentation are very important aspects for me. Thoreau Water Concept meets both my own as well as my customers’ expectations – every time!”
Krister Dahl, Executive Chef Gothia Towers

“Thoreau has practical and elegant bottles, and very good service.”
Johannes Plym, Sommelier, Berns Bistro

“Thoreau’s excellent water solutions enable us to make tap water taste like bottled water.”
Marcus Bolgerth, Restaurant Manager, Restaurang Sand

“Since we began using Thoreau’s products, we’ve decreased costs, saved the environment since there is no transport needed, we’ve earned more money, and have more satisfied customers – it can’t be much better, can it?”
Olof Persson, Restaurant Manager, Hotel Diplomat

  • Waterlogic Sverige AB
  • Von Utfallsgatan 16C
  • SE-415 05 Göteborg
  • Sweden
  • T +46 771 348 348