The exclusive water from restaurants – at your office!

Enjoy high-class, environmentally-friendly water at your office. Thoreau Water Concept has now adapted their water solutions and devices to fit all kinds of business settings. All members of staff can now have their own stylish Thoreau bottles – with or without your own brandname imprinted on each bottle. Thoreau Water Concept is a way for your company to say that you are committed to issues related to the environment, and to design and quality.

A Thoreau Water Package includes the following:

  • Water cooler with a capacity that meets your needs
  • A serving tap of your choice
  • A filter system with filters that are specially adjusted to your facilities
  • Bottles of your choice
  • Hygiene and function check
  • Installation, service, and change of filters
  • Waterlogic Sverige AB
  • Von Utfallsgatan 16C
  • SE-415 05 Göteborg
  • Sweden
  • T +46 771 348 348